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Budget Info

The City of Hawkinsville property tax millage rate is lower for 2007 than it was in 1987. That is at least 20 years without a millage rate increase.  We have increased usage fees for services to our community by very small increments over the last three years.  During that time the costs of providing those services have increased by 35% or more.  Insurance cost alone has increased on the average 20% per year.  We have been very diligent and conservative in our spending but have finally gotten to the point that we must increase our fees to pay for the services our community receives.  We have not funded depreciation costs as they should be, we have not funded building and equipment maintenance as much as we should and we have only purchased the most urgent capital items needed to continue to provide services.   Some of our buildings are in desperate need of repair, some of our equipment must be replaced and our utility departments must at least break even.  To that end we have determined and recommended to the City Commission that we raise our utility fees.  We have not recommended a property tax increase.  As you well know our fuel costs have risen dramatically.  We must be able to compensate employees at a suitable rate to maintain a reliable workforce.  We have started picking up and disposing of debris that you place beside the road on a regular basis; we previously only did this a couple of times per year.  We have to be able to pay for the costs of providing services to our community.  We also realize that any increase affects your disposable income directly. The Commissioners and employees of the City are also residents and affected by these increases; therefore, we have strived to keep our increases to the bare minimum.  As citizens of this community you rightfully demand an appropriate benefit for the fees you are charged and we will strive to continue to offer those services at the lowest possible cost.


Comparison Sheet for Water and Sewer rates
Residential Inside City limits

Calculated Using 8000 gallons per month as usage

                             Water     (New)          Sewer              (New)              Total                  

Vienna                   $10.75                               $5.38                                 $16.13

Rochelle                  12.00                                  8.00                                  20.00

Unadilla                   20.26                                15.00                                  32.26

Eastman                   17.05                                17.05                                  34.10

Cochran                   14.10                                28.50                                  42.60

Hawkinsville         22.93                               23.20                                46.13

Perry                          28.21                               30.70                                  58.91

Montezuma              27.10                                 35.05                                  62.15